Dare to Dream

Many people desire to be successful, influential, powerful, and most importantly, fulfilled.

They exert themselves in pursuit of happiness and employ strategies in achieving their goals. Sometimes, they end up building castles in the air. Other times, these dreams are fulfilled by sheer grit. The world is littered with dreamers. Everyone at some point in their lives has had a dream; a goal they want to attain. Sadly, these dreams sometimes go unfulfilled. There are a number of Slayed Discounts and reasons why this can happen. Unfulfilled dreams can be caused by a lack of resources and opportunities or the inability of the dreamer to take necessary actions.



There are just as many people who have gone on to achieve their dreams as there are, who have given up on theirs. Their stories go on to motivate others that anything is possible. You’ve probably heard about some like;


Joanne Kathleen Rowling, the author of the famous series, Harry Potter, was bullied when she was in high school. She took solace in her imagination and started out writing stories, using some of her teachers and classmates as characters in her stories. Her teenage years were unhappy, as she had to endure her mother’s illness and later became a victim of domestic violence in her marriage. Despite these, she stuck to her Backroom Casting Couch dream and wrote Harry Potter. Her manuscript was rejected by twelve publishers. One even commented that she would never make money from writing books for children. Undeterred, she went on to sell the parts of the series for a handsome price. Further down the years, Warner Bros purchased the rights to make parts of the book into a film.



Founder of one of the world’s most popular cosmetics brands, Mary Kay Ash was not born into a privileged family. Even though she was intelligent and hardworking, she couldn’t afford to go to college. She worked at a number of sales jobs and although she got into school to study Medicine, she had to quit school to work at a gift company. Learning the ropes of sales and marketing, she excelled and dreamt of owning her own company where she could employ and empower other women. After being passed over for Blacked Raw coupon promotions severally, and discouraged by the company’s partial system, she resigned. Eventually, she founded Mark Kay cosmetics where she was able to achieve her dream of empowering women to not only earn but to also be beautiful and self-

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Unfulfilled dreams can result in depression and other negative consequences.

This is why many people fall into self-destructive habits and addictions. Life can be mean sometimes, but you owe it to yourself to get back up and try again. When you eventually grasp your dream by the scruff of its neck, you will be satisfied with the Adult Empire Unlimited discount that you didn’t let it die. To achieve your dreams, you should be ready to plan and take risks. Most importantly, always believe in yourself.